Hong Kong Alleys

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Known as one of the most densely populated places in the world, Hong Kong is booming as one of Asia’s most important and influential cities.

Following the transfer of sovereignty from Great Britain to China almost 15 years ago, the "Pearl of the Orient" is known internationally for its expansive skyline, deep natural harbor, cuisine, and banking.

While postcards and tourist photos reflect ferries plying the harbor, glass and steel skyscrapers reaching into the clouds, and double-decker trams gliding along Hong Kong island rails, in the shadows of the narrow alleys a different, almost unknown, city breathes. The lives inside the alleys
are often hidden in this vertical city, where the back doors of restaurants and small businesses open to muted tones of gray and brown; where the huddled workers and residents, indifferent of the sun or the moon, find solace from the frenetic pace just meters away.
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